STYLED: “Barless” Bar Cart


I’ve always loved the idea of having a bar cart ever since they showed up on everyone’s design feeds a few years ago. They feel like they came and went but then all of a sudden, Target had one in their new collection and the idea was back in my head! I knew if I got one, it wouldn’t be used “traditionally”. I had plans for this baby, big plans. I wanted it to simply be a portable table that I could use for really cool things like books and sprawling floral succulents. But would it only be a dream?

Fast forward to today and a trip to “At Home”. There is was…the perfect one! Right off of the metal meets wood dating app – I had to have it. I also picked up a few amazing pillows and started slowly building this styled cart as I rolled around the store. I’m sure they were wondering what they heck I was doing as I switched out pillows for about 15 minutes. I usually try to not get everything from one place when I’m styling, but it just so happened that this massive yet well organized home store had great pieces that created this look effortlessly. Within 30 minutes or so I was done.

So what was the outcome? I wanted a cool cart that housed awesome throw pillows that tend to get tossed on the floor in an effort to “make more room” on the sofa. Add in an incense vase and a candle for the “smell good” (because I love a good smelling home) and top it off with an eye grabbing yucca plant and voila, functional, fun, portable!


TIPS: Using Plants For Color


Plants are a great way to introduce color into a monochromatic or highly neutral room. They say “hey, here’s color, happy now?!”. Succulents got the ball rolling and before you knew it you couldn’t find an interior design photo without a fiddle tree in the corner. It’s now 2017 and plants are design staples because they’re great to look at, they instantly make a room relaxing and depending on their structure, can be quite the little growing art pieces. Instinctively they add shape and line. So the next time you can’t quite decide which shade of intergalactic pink to paint your kitchen wall, see if adding a few pieces of greenery will calm that color bug!

P.S. If you have a PLASTIC green thumb like me, there are tons of places to get very life-like plants. Target currently has really awesome snake plants while your local Hobby Lobby and Home Goods stores will have even more to choose from! If you already have your share of awesome plants but need beautifully crafted planters, Object Modern has this on lock!

STYLED: The Blue Room


This is how this room began – I’d bought these rich electric blue pillows months earlier and knew I wanted to use them in a set but had no idea where to start. When I’m designing a space I like to have a base. Usually it’s a piece of art or an accessory that I then base everything else off of. In this case it was the pillows!

From there, I went hunting. I found this awesome art piece at Home Goods that was large enough for the space and also brought in the blue. Usually I’m not matchy-matchy but sometimes I like it, this time, I liked it. While hunting I also found another geometric table which was a happy find as I’d bought the first one quite awhile ago. I wanted this space to be clean but interesting, cool but inviting and have lots (and lots) of texture.


BOLD: Bird Watching


I’m nothing if not black and white, oh and all things colorful. I want my pastry and to eat it as well. I’m also in love with paintings, colorful art, typography posters and anything that can come in 22″ x 28″ :). So when I came across “Thomas” at Ross (yes, his name is Thomas), I knew he’d had to come home with me. I had no idea where I’d put him, but I knew that wasn’t an obstacle that would prevent me from loading him in my trunk full of pillows on a 95 degree day in Georgia.

He’s bold, he’s unique, and he’s perfect when I need color but my apartment would likely frown on my making one of the living room walls teal. You can always get your color from accessories and art. I love the idea of having wallpaper, bright wall paints, or even wall installations like faux brick or wood, but it’s just not feasible for every space. That’s where colorful artwork comes in. We’ve had Thomas in our home for about 3 weeks and he’s really brightened things up (see, because he’s bright and bold, because of the color, see).

So the next time you’re feeling funky, try some eclectic pillows or eye-popping hanging candy to juice your walls. It’s easy to change out (like Thomas would ever leave) so you don’t have to be stuck with it and you get a lot of room to play with accessories!

STYLED: Hall Monitor


A hallway never gets much love. It’s just the passageway to a much more desired end, be it a bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom. They never get paid to much attention. They are neglected and may even simply be used for “I don’t care if you see this junk” storage. I know I’m guilty of letting it store my vacuum. How disgraceful. The issue is, simply because of the nature of a hallway it doesn’t allow for much ‘floor decorating’. Most are the perfect place for family photos and the history of your vacations but what if you have a mini hallway, what if every part of your hallway is a door to another dimension!?

In my 800+ sq ft apartment, this is the exact scenario. There are 4 doors in my hallway. One leads to the washer/dryer, one to the water heater (or at least that’s what I think is in there as the door remains locked), one to my bedroom and the last to the bathroom. Wall space is almost non-existent. So what now? Well this is where my creative juices started to flow. I thought, this is the perfect space to prove this is a perfect space, hear me out!

Originally I wanted to put a nice size piece of art, a small table with a plant on it and a candle. I thought, now this space will house something! After going out to source goodies, I came across an industrial wood top fixture that I thought would fit in that tight space perfectly. Then it hit me….why not give this space actual an actual use. es with the candle and plant it’ll smell good and be nice to look at but will you actually NEED those things there?


I quickly decided to purchase the $59 fixture and spent the whole way home brainstorming about how I’d style it now that I had a purpose for it. In an 800 sq ft apartment you can imagine how tight the bathroom is, so there’s not much space for storage and there’s no linen closet to be found (how I’ve survived this long I’m not sure). The only storage is under the cabinet and the nickel plated mini rack system I built from Target (……sexy). Suffice to say, the extra toilet and tissue paper gets housed in the kitchen which surprisingly has more cabinet space than we know what to do with. Finally I could have extra rolls right in front of the door!? Say it isn’t so. I still got my plant, art and candle, but instead of it being lazily placed on a table, it tops a really cool useful piece that’s making our lives easier and isn’t bad on the eyes!