STYLED: Hall Monitor


A hallway never gets much love. It’s just the passageway to a much more desired end, be it a bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom. They never get paid to much attention. They are neglected and may even simply be used for “I don’t care if you see this junk” storage. I know I’m guilty of letting it store my vacuum. How disgraceful. The issue is, simply because of the nature of a hallway it doesn’t allow for much ‘floor decorating’. Most are the perfect place for family photos and the history of your vacations but what if you have a mini hallway, what if every part of your hallway is a door to another dimension!?

In my 800+ sq ft apartment, this is the exact scenario. There are 4 doors in my hallway. One leads to the washer/dryer, one to the water heater (or at least that’s what I think is in there as the door remains locked), one to my bedroom and the last to the bathroom. Wall space is almost non-existent. So what now? Well this is where my creative juices started to flow. I thought, this is the perfect space to prove this is a perfect space, hear me out!

Originally I wanted to put a nice size piece of art, a small table with a plant on it and a candle. I thought, now this space will house something! After going out to source goodies, I came across an industrial wood top fixture that I thought would fit in that tight space perfectly. Then it hit me….why not give this space actual an actual use. es with the candle and plant it’ll smell good and be nice to look at but will you actually NEED those things there?


I quickly decided to purchase the $59 fixture and spent the whole way home brainstorming about how I’d style it now that I had a purpose for it. In an 800 sq ft apartment you can imagine how tight the bathroom is, so there’s not much space for storage and there’s no linen closet to be found (how I’ve survived this long I’m not sure). The only storage is under the cabinet and the nickel plated mini rack system I built from Target (……sexy). Suffice to say, the extra toilet and tissue paper gets housed in the kitchen which surprisingly has more cabinet space than we know what to do with. Finally I could have extra rolls right in front of the door!? Say it isn’t so. I still got my plant, art and candle, but instead of it being lazily placed on a table, it tops a really cool useful piece that’s making our lives easier and isn’t bad on the eyes!

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