STYLED: “Barless” Bar Cart


I’ve always loved the idea of having a bar cart ever since they showed up on everyone’s design feeds a few years ago. They feel like they came and went but then all of a sudden, Target had one in their new collection and the idea was back in my head! I knew if I got one, it wouldn’t be used “traditionally”. I had plans for this baby, big plans. I wanted it to simply be a portable table that I could use for really cool things like books and sprawling floral succulents. But would it only be a dream?

Fast forward to today and a trip to “At Home”. There is was…the perfect one! Right off of the metal meets wood dating app – I had to have it. I also picked up a few amazing pillows and started slowly building this styled cart as I rolled around the store. I’m sure they were wondering what they heck I was doing as I switched out pillows for about 15 minutes. I usually try to not get everything from one place when I’m styling, but it just so happened that this massive yet well organized home store had great pieces that created this look effortlessly. Within 30 minutes or so I was done.

So what was the outcome? I wanted a cool cart that housed awesome throw pillows that tend to get tossed on the floor in an effort to “make more room” on the sofa. Add in an incense vase and a candle for the “smell good” (because I love a good smelling home) and top it off with an eye grabbing yucca plant and voila, functional, fun, portable!


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