So living in an apartment is hard. Only made harder by the fact that we used to have a house, with my own office, which we sold (best financial decision ever, but still lol) before I realized my heart was in interiors – just my luck. So I went from having 2,400 square feet to play with, to just 800. Granted, I don’t regret it but in hindsight, I may have held on a little bit longer if I’d known I’d catch the interiors bug two short years later. But alas, here we are. Out of the three apartments we’ve lived in, this by far is my favorite. It’s the smallest but the most well laid out. It’s always just been the two of us, so space isn’t an issue, but not being able to get to the bathroom because the laundry closet is open was a huge no-no.

When we moved to our new spot (over eight months ago) my office was reminiscent of a neglected college dorm room. Plastic bins everywhere and that “I’ll clean it up tomorrow, for real” mode of organizing. It wasn’t like this ALL THE TIME but it was often enough for me to realize I had to do something! It took me awhile to finalize this space as an office mainly because I wanted to do a small dining area but let’s be honest, we grab our plates and sit right on the couch – so we can take it easy on the “bistro vibes” around here lol. I was already using it for most of my DIY projects anyway, hence all the craft-labeled containers and acrylic paints, so the most logical move was to expand it, make it usable and just a tad bit more stylish than my dollar Wal-mart bins could manage.

Ten hours later and it was an entirely new space. Thanks to ‘Marshall’s, your shopping carts should definitely be larger’ shopping trip, I was able to source a few awesome wicker and wire baskets that are perfect for keeping my new corner office organized but pretty. I added in a few canisters and a plant and voila, I’m ready to get to work. To be honest, it’s still a work in progress. While I love annoying babe by rolling into the kitchen in my swivel chair, it’s not the best looking piece of furniture (although after one year, it’s still very comfy). I plan to switch it out with something a teeny bit more ooh-la-la in the coming weeks….until then, I’ll keep helping him love me even more – lol.

This transformation took me less than one day from thought to completion. I ordered the bookcase on Target’s website Friday night, went shopping for all the bins and baskets on Saturday morning and snatched the camel painting out of the bathroom before lunch time lol. I did have to assemble the bookcase but it only took thirty minutes – it probably took me longer to figure out which baskets to use!

To be honest, I usually wouldn’t share this progress on the blog, only because I like to have things 100% complete before I write long essays but I decided to go ahead because no matter where you are in your journey, making progress, any progress, is a win. So while my little office nook may not be the headline story on HGTV, it has already made ME better which was the entire purpose!

Happy Sunday!


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