We’ve all done it. We get a new spot, whether a house or apartment and at the first hint of warm weather, we’re flying to our nearest store to pick out a “patio set”. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s plastic, comes with the mini table that barely holds one drink let alone two and it’s stackable. Oh, how we love the stackability! We marvel at how easy it’ll be to clean and how well it’ll travel to our next new home. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there! Our first apartment didn’t have a deck so when we moved into our house I went right to the closest home improvement store and picked out a brown, yes, BROWN pair of chairs and the baby table lol. Brown matched the trim of our house….how could we go wrong?!

In my defense, when we moved into our house, I wasn’t an interior decorator. In fact, staging our house to sell was what triggered my interior bug! Funny enough, the family that bought our house asked if the bar stools and a few of the furnishings could stay. What I should have let them keep, along with the stools was that plastic patio set – but noooo, it just had to come with us. This apartment had a deck and I was going to use it so as soon as we were moved in, I threw them out there and called it a day. We used one end of the tiny space for the plastic bins we’d used to move and the other end was the chateau lol. I can probably count on one hand how many times I actually sat out there for leisure. Two years later, we moved to where we are now and I REFUSED to bring them with us, so off to Goodwill they went.

Now, by no means am I saying throw away your plastic patio set or that it’s not a good thing to buy. Ya’ll know how I feel about loving what you have versus buying what you THINK you should have (or what’s trendy) just to have a picture-ready home. I just know that if I had a chance to do our outdoor spaces over again (and with my current style) I would have tried something different. Fast forward two years and the chance arose! We just renewed our least so that let’s me know that’s it taken a year for it to get where it is today and I’m okay with that!

This time I wanted our deck to be more than just outside storage. I wanted it to be a relaxing place that was as calming as it is pretty. I wanted to “bring the outside in” while also bringing the comfort of the indoors, out. Like many apartment decks, the space is limited, but with simple measuring I knew how much I had to work with and how I wanted to fill it. Now it was time to start with the “foundation”. Making a space feel like a destination begins with a good rug. Size is EVERYTHING and for our deck, 5×7 was perfect. If you remember from Instagram, I started with a gray-lined design but switched it out for this electric blue stunner. The color is so striking and every time I open the door to go out I’m sucked in.

The next thing was the seating situation. We were NOT going to go the “patio set” direction again for two reasons. One, I wanted it to be cozy and I think separate seating can negate that feel and secondly I wanted it to be something you could fall asleep on – intentionally or not. I’d been eyeing this loveseat from Target since it came out and as soon as it went on promo I snagged it. They delivered it for me and I was able to assemble it within 45 minutes. It’s contemporary, clean and cozy; my 3 C’s. I’ve fallen asleep on it way too many times to count which to me means it was the right choice for our space.

The final touch was the planter. I’d originally bought a tall wicker lamp with the intention of re-purposing it but ended up loving it more as a sculptural piece in our living room. Queue me having to build one myself (shocker). Using a few pieces of wood I had on hand and a couple crates from Joann, I was able to create a functional and if I say so myself, sexy looking planter! It holds more plants than the original design (saved in my Instagram stories) AND it keeps the pots from blowing over which is apparently a thing now since Atlanta is a wind tunnel. Using a mix of salvia, vinca, creeping greenery, mint, lavender and rosemary, I’m hoping to keep our peaceful oasis mosquito-free and constantly blooming.

This summer and from here on, it seems this will be my favorite spot in (out) the apartment. I’ve even caught babe peering over the balcony on occasion which is a huge deal as he thinks every flying insect is out to destroy him. One day I’m sure he’ll be falling asleep on it with me but until then I’m happy to drift off into my REM cycles, solo lol.

rug and loveseat from Target / poufs from Home Goods / plants from Pike Nursery / blanket from Marshall’s / pillow fabric from Premier Prints / side table from At Home / planter DIY


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