Hey! You’ve gotten here in an attempt to find more about who the heck is writing this blog and if you’ve seen me in your local Target before. Well here’s a little about me. I’m Shae, an interior stylist, decorator and loud laugher from Atlanta, GA (born and raised). I’m always building something, painting something, or styling something. In between these moments I eat and sleep.

I would describe my design style as “let’s see what happens”. I love clean lines, pattern, geometric designs, rich color and unique accents usually in the form of greenery (mom would be so proud of my plastic green thumb). I tend to be highly sarcastic and the people that know me, love it (……). My background is in fashion marketing but my love is interiors. After graduating from SCAD, I started my company  making pillows and other handmade home goods. After getting tired of feeling like a pillow sweat shop and   wanting to be more creative, I started decorating full time.

Now I’m finally doing what I love as an interior stylist and this little piece of blog heaven is where I share it all with you. Oh and yes, you’ve definitely seen me at your local Target. So if you’re looking for an interior stylist or just need a little decorating inspiration, stick around, I’m getting good at this!