Hey! You’ve gotten here in an attempt to find more about who the heck is writing this blog and if you’ve seen me in your local Target before right? Well here’s a little about me. I’m a designer, stylist and petite piece of laughter from Atlanta, GA (born and raised). I’m always building something, painting something, or styling something. In between these moments I eat and sleep.

I would describe my design style as west elm meets Anthropologie. I love clean lines, pattern, geometric designs, rich color and unique accents usually in the form of greenery (mom would be so proud of my plastic green thumb). I tend to be highly sarcastic and the people that know me, love it (……). My background is in fashion marketing but my love is interiors. After SCAD (name drop) I automatically started in home goods making my own pillows for about three years. After getting bored with feeling like a pillow sweat shop, I got into the retail world for a while and climbed all the way to Assistant Manager (fancy me).

Now I’m finally doing what I love as an interior stylist. I stage houses and create homes and this little piece of blog heaven is where I share it all with you. Oh and yes, you’ve definitely probably seen me at your local Target.