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Me and a Brand



What is it about having your business that allows you to hide? Is it because most small businesses start online now? Is it because we think no one is interested in the maker, only the items made? Are we afraid to put ourselves out there because of failure? Or are we simply not over the moon with how a lens captures us? For me, it was all of the above.

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A Festive Bell




Okay can I just say this was SO MUCH FUN! I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like and actually enjoyed making it (not that I ever don’t enjoy it, but this was a lot less trial and error than most of my DIYs). To be honest the toughest part was trying to hang it so it wouldn’t touch the wall. No seriously took me about 20 minutes of failed attempts. The end result was to simply screw a nail to the front of one of my wood shelves…………..

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Leonard and The Wood Room


Every now and then I go into a store with a plan (I do, seriously, I promise, I have a plan) and half way through the trip I’ve completely abandoned the idea thanks to a few distractions here and a large random llama painting there. This is exactly what happened yesterday. I was excited to create a blush pink space that screamed fall but didn’t make you feel like you needed to rush out and rack your front lawn. I already had the star piece, this cool all wood side table that I’d covered with sticks a few days ago. Plan in hand, I headed to my spot to begin the hunt.

I immediately found a blush pillow (oh thank goodness, I’m still on target, I can do this!) and then the problems started. After rounding the pillow section like a crazy lady, I could only find one and didn’t see any others in the color family. I held strong and put the lone pillow in my cart and continued deeper into the store. I was going to make this work but then just like that these ill-placed navy pillows screamed at me as to say, you know you need two, drop that zero and get with these heroes. At this point, the color theme for the space has just been changed to navy. I was finding so many pieces that would work in the new hue but as I made my way to the art section, this llama which I name Leonard stood proudly framed just within arms reach.



He was bold, he was daring and he didn’t have any of the colors I needed to make him work with my navy plan. How dare he. As angry as I was with Leonard, I put him in my browsing cart (it’s the two-tiered mini cart you grab when you think you’re just looking and feel like it’ll keep you from overshopping…it’s a scam)¬†and began my journey back to the pillow shop to gently put the navy pillows back without them noticing they’d been thrown off the train. It was now rusty-red time thanks to Leonard. He was the star of this show and he knew it. I had to get with his program or he’d find someone who would. Moving to the warmer colored pillow section I spotted only ONE that was rust red. I was frustrated but I knew Leonard was my Beyonce so I really didn’t need anyone else.

I slowly walked around the store looking like at any time I’d dash through the automatic front doors screaming “HA-HA SUCKAS!!”. I was contemplating HARD. Did I really want to rethink not just the colors but the layout too? Leonard demanded to be front and center but I’d already planned to use a round mirror. He had me in his grasps and I didn’t want to let go. He wasn’t apart of my plan; he was dashing but inconvenient. I wasn’t ready for him even though he was already over me. With the saddest face I’ve ever made, I knew I had to leave him. I couldn’t even look him in the eyes as I leaned him next to a terrible typography print. “I’M SORRY LEONARD!” I thought as I walked away….”I’m sorry”.



Years later (I’m sure), I found myself in the checkout line with a brass candle and a blue color-blocked canister. “I guess we’re doing navy” I thought with tired eyes and a heavy heart. Fast forward to setting it up…..I didn’t like the navy – I reeeeaally didn’t like it. It felt forced and while probably wasn’t terrible, I wasn’t feeling it. It had been days since I’d shared anything new (and you loose 100 followers for every hour you don’t post a new project lol…#facts) and I really wanted to make lemonade out of this lemon. The DIY table was what I was highlighting so I focused on that. I pulled all the navy elements out and decided within five minutes that this would be a lot of wood, but I was okay with that. I loved it, you guys loved it and Leonard can suck a raisin!

Here’s Leonard if anyone was wondering.