Okay people, this DIY has a drill involved, but remember, drills just make holes lol. I know the minute you see a power tool, it’s like “welp, I won’t be doing this!” but trust me, a screw driver and a thick screw will suffice! Now come on grandma, let’s get started. This is a twofer project because not only do I show you how to make the simplest shelf ever, but also how to make a cute wood peg for it to hang on. You’ll thank me later for the double assignment!

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So living in an apartment is hard. Only made harder by the fact that we used to have a house, with my own office, which we sold (best financial decision ever, but still lol) before I realized my heart was in interiors – just my luck. So I went from having 2,400 square feet to play with, to just 800. Granted, I don’t regret it but in hindsight, I may have held on a little bit longer if I’d known I’d catch the interiors bug two short years later. But alas, here we are. Out of the three apartments we’ve lived in, this by far is my favorite. It’s the smallest but the most well laid out. It’s always just been the two of us, so space isn’t an issue, but not being able to get to the bathroom because the laundry closet is open was a huge no-no.