TIPS: What is Home Staging?


Home staging is about creating a moment within a space. At it’s core, the goal is to help a potential buyer envision themselves living in the home. Once a room has been cleaned and decluttered it’s time to create the experience. This is done by strategically placing furniture, accessing natural lighting and adding a few accessories for the added touches. Think about the last time you walked into a nice hotel room. You looked at the bed, the wall, the carpet, the lighting. None of these things belonged you to yet the affect how you felt about the hotel. The same can be said of the affects of home staging. Potential buyers know they can’t take the items with them, and that when they buy a home the items will not be there, but the feeling they get when they walk into a room is created by the staging process.

STYLED: Summer Evenings


My latest “redo” was one that I was really excited to try but oddly would be the most tasking. A deck! I’m an old southern lady by choice so sitting on my apartment deck is about as close to my “southern porch” as I’ll get at the moment so it was important to make it fill inviting and comfortable. So I went hunting! Unfortunately stores are about 2 months ahead of me and to my dismay all of those lovely outdoor sections were now being replaced with backpacks and pencil boxes (already?!?!). I’d originally planned to have two wicker benches placed perpendicular and showered with outdoor pillows, which now too were in short demand.

Change of plans! Now I had to improvise (aka, take what I could get lol). I picked up the last little “park chess game” setup I saw at my local Target which thankfully still had two matching chairs available. It was then onto the “ooh” piece! I flew to Michaels where I’d previously came across faux grass patches. The idea was to connect different patches together to create a large hanging grass piece as a backdrop on the wall. I’m sure my little deck wasp family was not impressed by the fauxness. After plopping down a rug I’ve used in previous sets and hanging just one set of ten antique lights, the redo was complete. It was unique, but inviting, warm and sweet.

IMG_2271lightLARGEDECKUntitled - 1