I love showing you guys our home, obviously, it’s kind of my job but what you rarely see is the DIY projects I do that make little things simpler. Take for instance, the jewelry organizer in our closet. It actually came to life by accident. Years ago a Pier One was closing and they were selling off their fixtures. I was able to snag a few wooden plate trays with no clue what I’d use them for (it’s the conscientious hoarder in me). I quickly realized they’d be perfect for holding my jewelry instead of hammering hundreds of nails in the wall. I simply attached the “stand” to the wall and hung my jewelry on its pegs.



Okay people, this DIY has a drill involved, but remember, drills just make holes lol. I know the minute you see a power tool, it’s like “welp, I won’t be doing this!” but trust me, a screw driver and a thick screw will suffice! Now come on grandma, let’s get started. This is a twofer project because not only do I show you how to make the simplest shelf ever, but also how to make a cute wood peg for it to hang on. You’ll thank me later for the double assignment!

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