BOLD: Bird Watching


I’m nothing if not black and white, oh and all things colorful. I want my pastry and to eat it as well. I’m also in love with paintings, colorful art, typography posters and anything that can come in 22″ x 28″ :). So when I came across “Thomas” at Ross (yes, his name is Thomas), I knew he’d had to come home with me. I had no idea where I’d put him, but I knew that wasn’t an obstacle that would prevent me from loading him in my trunk full of pillows on a 95 degree day in Georgia.

He’s bold, he’s unique, and he’s perfect when I need color but my apartment would likely frown on my making one of the living room walls teal. You can always get your color from accessories and art. I love the idea of having wallpaper, bright wall paints, or even wall installations like faux brick or wood, but it’s just not feasible for every space. That’s where colorful artwork comes in. We’ve had Thomas in our home for about 3 weeks and he’s really brightened things up (see, because he’s bright and bold, because of the color, see).

So the next time you’re feeling funky, try some eclectic pillows or eye-popping hanging candy to juice your walls. It’s easy to change out (like Thomas would ever leave) so you don’t have to be stuck with it and you get a lot of room to play with accessories!