TIPS: Using Plants For Color


Plants are a great way to introduce color into a monochromatic or highly neutral room. They say “hey, here’s color, happy now?!”. Succulents got the ball rolling and before you knew it you couldn’t find an interior design photo without a fiddle tree in the corner. It’s now 2017 and plants are design staples because they’re great to look at, they instantly make a room relaxing and depending on their structure, can be quite the little growing art pieces. Instinctively they add shape and line. So the next time you can’t quite decide which shade of intergalactic pink to paint your kitchen wall, see if adding a few pieces of greenery will calm that color bug!

P.S. If you have a PLASTIC green thumb like me, there are tons of places to get very life-like plants. Target currently has really awesome snake plants while your local Hobby Lobby and Home Goods stores will have even more to choose from! If you already have your share of awesome plants but need beautifully crafted planters, Object Modern has this on lock!

TIPS: What is Home Staging?


Home staging is about creating a moment within a space. At it’s core, the goal is to help a potential buyer envision themselves living in the home. Once a room has been cleaned and decluttered it’s time to create the experience. This is done by strategically placing furniture, accessing natural lighting and adding a few accessories for the added touches. Think about the last time you walked into a nice hotel room. You looked at the bed, the wall, the carpet, the lighting. None of these things belonged you to yet the affect how you felt about the hotel. The same can be said of the affects of home staging. Potential buyers know they can’t take the items with them, and that when they buy a home the items will not be there, but the feeling they get when they walk into a room is created by the staging process.