Airbnbs have really increased in popularity and for good reason. During a recent hotel search for an upcoming vacation, I struggled to find hotel rooms that weren’t sterile, “here’s your bed” spaces that were both well designed and priced. As a stylist, I couldn’t help but gravitate to the ones that had more character and color. Now don’t get me wrong, most people, myself included, make price a huge factor in our decisions. When we search, there’s this funky button called “filter” which is designed to help guests narrow down their selection but this can also disqualify you from the “final list”. So you have to find a way to stand out before that button gets pressed. But how?

This is were a well thought out and styled short-term rental can take the lead. I think we’ve passed the point were we only spend our sleeping hours in our rooms. People are spending more time on vacation which means whether purposely or not, more time in the rental. We also want these temporary homes to feel, well, homey. But can you have a clean and comfortable space that’s not void of character and charm? Of course! Keep reading to find out the three things that I think will elevate your Airbnb and get you one step closer to you on your way to superhost level!


You’ve decided to be an Airbnb host, fantastic! Now before you run to your local furniture store for a 16 piece matching set, let’s think about how to add more character and less sameness . In recent years, interiors have moved away from matchy-matchy to make room for spaces that feel more curated and collected. No longer do your side tables need to match, in fact, you can just have one if you like (I know, rebels). I absolutely love rooms where each piece feels like it came into the space at a different time but still meshes so well with that’s already going on. Have fun with your furniture. If you’re sofa is mid-century, every other piece in the room doesn’t have to be. Mix styles, weights, colors, woods and sizes. Guest appreciate it and while they aren’t staying forever, a space with character will make them want to – which means the next time they’re in your city, they’ll come back to you!


I can remember seeing one of the first Airbnb commercials years ago where the idea was simply about staying in someone else’s home, in the city they lived and really taking in the sight, sounds and location as a whole – not just having a place to sleep. It was almost like going to a friend’s house, if that friend lived in Paris. I thought it was clever and seemed like a great way to enjoy a vacation, in and away from your room. Now here in Georgia, we’re instantly associated with peaches and phrase “hey, yall” , but I wouldn’t necessarily have a bowl of peaches in every room. This is where you get creative.

How can you introduce someone to your locale in a cool way, without screaming, YOU’RE IN MY CITY. Think of it like having a friend visit you in a coastal town and taking them to your favorite bench, versus a souvenir shop. You want your guests to experience your home, not just have proof they were there. If your city is known (by locals) as being fun, colorful, and contemporary, how can you incorporate those elements when styling your Airbnb. What gives your location charm and makes it why YOU love to be there? That being said, I wouldn’t be mad at a neon sign that read, “Georgia on my mind” LOL.


We’ve all been there…you’re on vacation, planning to go out for the night and realize you left your body wash at home. Before you start to panic, you remember the hotel had a small bottle of it in the bathroom. As a host, you can take this same kind of preparedness when styling your vacation rental. People don’t know they miss something they’ve never had, but they appreciate things they didn’t know they needed when they have them. That’s a long and confusing way of saying, knowing what your guest will need before they do is crucial to their Airbnb experience.

An pouf that’s soft for their feet but also sturdy enough to double as a table, a decorative blanket that is quickly accessible for a cozy nap, a candle on the shelf for a quick mood changer, books or magazines about the city or travel, decorative pillows that are as soft as they are pretty to look at – None of these things are mandatory, but when guests use them, they only add to their amazing experience at your Airbnb.

Aiming to be different while feeling familiar and ready for anything will set your rental apart from the pack. I hope these three tips help motivate you to create the best Airbnb that’s both profitable for you and an amazing experience that your guests will want to return to time after time. Most importantly, none of these things take tons of money. Through thrifting, DIYs and shopping smart, you can find and create unique pieces that will give your space so much life! It’s not about how much you spend, it’s about how you curate, to create something amazing!

If all else fails, you can just hire yours truly to stage and style your Airbnb 😉


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